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As you place your first few requests, you’ll be asked a number of questions by your Pubrions that will help your team better get to know you. We’ll put in the initial time upfront to ensure that we fulfill your request to the best of our ability while simultaneously learning about you to make your future requests faster and more efficient. The more you use and share with Pubrio, the better it gets!

We encourage our users to share context, helpful hints, or background information when placing requests. Any information you have already gathered regarding your request is best to share with us so we pick up from where you left off rather than starting from scratch. You can always talk to us if you need any help!

Getting Started

One of our Pubrion will find out more about your needs, how you like to work and what you want to achieve. After that, our team of experts will show you how it works, set goals, and set yourself up for success. You'll be able to have a chat before going further and thats it! Your team of experts will start saving you time. Work together using email, text, Zoom, app, phone or online.

How Pubrio Works

Tasks are the unit by which we count our work. For example, if we do a sales prospecting and then organize a recruiting interviews, there will be 2 separate tasks. Also, if we process a single task for a long time, the total number of tasks will increase by 1 per hour.

What is a Task?

Yes. Pubrio considers all information related to your account as private and takes significant measures to protect it.

We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. All workers handling client information sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in data security.

Is my data secure?

Pubrio is People-as-a-Service (PaaS). Focused on improving business productivity, backed by a team of industry experts such as Ex-Google, Ex-Amazon, Ex-Hays, and more. Helps businesses solve problems at a lower cost and grow revenue faster.

What is Pubrio? Is It Trustworthy?

If you send us a task that requires a specialized set of knowledge (such as 3D graphic design or pharmaceutics), we will look to hire a worker that is suitable for you. But the onboarding time should be longer as expected.

Can I use Pubrio to solve a specific task?

The Pubrio team has worked in the business world for over 10 years, serving clients from the Global top 5 to the Forbes 500, from SMEs to start-ups. So we know how to use the right technology to solve the right problem. Also, we never pay for unused time and charge per task.

Why Pubrio Can Solve Problems Faster and Cheaper?

Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control, no services being available in your area, or human error on our end, we may not be able to get you what you want. If this happens, we will apologize and immediately search for the best path forward. This often means hunting for the most relevant alternative as a replacement.

If at any point you want us to stop working on your task, just text "close task".

What happens if Pubrio doesn't get me what I want?

For a full usage history, you can check with your console or send an email to

How do I view all of my charges and usage history?

We accept credit cards though stripe and payments via bank transfer. When you make a purchase through credit cards, we charge your card for the same amount via Stripe, plus a processing fee of 3.4%.


We also offer a credit recharge discount plan. As long as you recharge a larger amount or subscribe to a designated plan, we will also provide corresponding discounts. For details, please refer to the "billing" page.

What payment methods do you accept?

You are only charged once we start actively working on one of your tasks. However, many interactions are free:

  • Asking questions about Pubrio

  • Gifting hours of Pubrio to your friends and family

When Do I Pay For Pubrio?

We will provide you a receipt whenever you need one. Text in the receipts you would like, and we will email you a copy. You can also email us and ask at

How do I get a receipt?

Any way you’d like! Our team of experts can hop into any app or workflow you’re already using. For example, if you communicate primarily via email, we will email you. If you use WhatsApp, we will chat with you there. If you prefer talking on the phone, we will call you, etc. Here are some real examples of tasks people have put into Pubrio.

What kinds of things can I use Pubrio for?
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Is my data secure?


What is Pubrio?

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When do I pay?

How do I get a receipt?

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